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Plus A Free Bird Dog Certification Program.
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Hello Future Bird Dog,
Have you wanted to get into the real estate investing business but not sure where to start? Well you are at the right place.

Let's be honest with the way the economy has been sluggish and many great folks are out of work or are looking to make some extra money, Bird Dogging is a great side income and can become a fulltime income as you develop your skills.

do you want to...

bullet Increase Your income or
bullet Get involved in real estate investing but it's too risky and too complicated" or
bullet I don't have the slightest idea how to go about investing in real estate" or

Have you thought It takes money to invest in real estate and I don't have any to spare at this time"
What is Bird dogging you may be asking and if you know I'd recommend you read this to as it's changed a lot with CyberBirdDog now in the game.

Bird Dogging real estate is simply a person who locates properties or buyers and informs an investor by offering them the opportunity to do the real estate deal and when the deal closes the Bird dog will then be paid a Joint Venture fee ranging from $250 - $5,000 or above.

You can think of yourself as a property scout if you will. You find you submit and investor buys you get paid.

You see you get paid when the investors put the deal together all you have to do is find the property and login to your back office of and share the property with your Investor for free, it's never been this easy ever to simply focus on finding buyers and sellers and having the investor do all the work from that point.

It gets better we recommend that you utilize the powerful tool called the INTERNET you ever hear of it? J picture this is you are 100% serious about making money as a CyberBirdDog you will want to utilize ever tool you have at your fingertips the most successful CyberBirdDogs realize the power in the internet that's why they have buyer and seller websites, YES you can get 2 branded websites that you can put on your business cards, flyers and online ads to attract buyers and sellers and the system then does all the work, you can be hanging out at a football game why you are generating deals for your investor and making money literally without working how cool is that?

Very cool right, making money without working.

Well I wanted to let you know about that option you have right now as we only have 17 spots left for this and we hope you take this very serious as I'm able to wave the $295 set up fee and get you set up for only $27 a month and this includes everything you need:

2 websites  PLUS hosting for your 2 websites  PLUS  2 domains

And full function control to your customized websites!

This gets even better when you make this business serious, you make more money and we are going to give you a 52 page report that is literally going to get you certified as a CyberBirdDog Master.

This is a great feet and as we stated before the more you know the more you make and you also have a 60 day money back no questions asked guarantee with this so take note that you will be fully covered if you decide it's not for you.
You generate leads automatically which can turn into money without You working that's a good deal.

You realize the power of the internet heck you are reading on the internet right now right? So picture when you have folks reading your pages and taking the next step like you are going to do.

it's a powerful tool and we are excited to work with you on this journey it's in our best interest to make sure you succeed as a CyberBirdDog, the more you make the more we make PERIOD! So we are going to equip you with the best of the best tools.

How can I earn more money then the $500?  Great question the answer is simple The more complete and professional the presentation you make, the more you can expect to earn.

Example if you just put down an address and the investor has to find the phone number, contact the seller, and take pictures and all that good stuff you can clearly see that it didn't take anything to make that happen it was just an address so that one would justify less payout.

We recommend that you go above and beyond and use the Training to support you as you become certified you will make more as it shows you step by step on the proper steps to getting paid BIG FAT CHECKS and enjoying every second of it.

Depending on your location the higher price the property, the more you can expect to earn in a typical situation.

Our investors buy properties from $1.00 (seriously) to $3.7 million dollar properties ranging from Single family rehabs, Single family rentals,  Multi units 2-4 plexes, Commercial strip malls, Apartment Complexes...

And everything in between as you can see the door is wide open, let's get started CLICK HERE

We are proud to announce for the next 17 CyberBirdDogs that join today you will also get the bonuses below.

52 page ebook that literally shares with you the steps and guides you through the BirdDogging process step by step.

How to research and locate deals that NO One knows about, find one of these deals and it can make you thousands.

Let's face it we could easily charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this complete turn key system that allows you to focus on finding buyers and sellers, we provide you with an investor, we train you and we give you websites to make it even easier.

This by far is the fast track to success and for only $27 a month with a 60 day no questions asked refund you are in control.

I know I said this before but I'll say it again the more money you make the more we make so it's in our best interest to give you every single tool to make as much as humanly possible.

WE are in it together CLICK HERE and within 5 minutes your websites will be working for you and you will be learning away.

It's time YOU take charge and grab this opportunity by the horns and run with it, it doesn't get any easier then this.

Look At All You Get When You Enroll At Today:

OPTION #1: Free Real Estate Training with Your Subscription with CyberBirdDog and 2 fully functional cash generating websites that work for YOU! (HUGE 75% Discount) $27 up front, and $27 per month for the next 99 months.  Cancel at anytime.

Your New investor friend,

PS We know times are tough that's why we are making an insane offer to you today but I must warn you when the next 17 spots are taken the price could easily double so take full advantage of this recession proof offer CLICK HERE

PSS when you join our team you will be getting a welcome call, this is where they will give you a fast action start, this is our way of saying thank you for taking action. ACTION TAKERS CLICK HERE.

PSSS Remember we do have a 60 day no questions asked refund policy on the websites so get inside and enjoy them for 60 days and go from there.

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